Caught, gutted, sold: the final days of Dakar’s traditional fish market

With a new €2m fishing quay due to open in Senegal’s capital in February, has modernity finally come for the Soumbedioune fishmongers?Photographs by Xaume Olleros for the GuardianIt is not the large-eyed dentex’s lucky day. But it is Yelli Diop’s.The Senegalese fisherman has had a very successful haul, and arrives back on Dakar’s shores with several boxes of fish in the hull. His brightly painted pirogue – a long, narrow canoe used by the fishermen here – is pulled up on the beach, a length of pipe wedged under it to keep it on the sand, and the orangey-pink fish unceremoniously dumped with dozens of its kin into a crate. Continue reading…

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