What happened next? ‘Drinking for the sake of drinking. It’s madness’: how Adrian Chiles cut back on booze

He used to drink an awful lot – and now drinks a lot less. It is well worth the effort in the long run, he saysMy name is Adrian, and I am a moderating drinker. It is a difficult time of year for us moderators, what with all those Christmas parties and annual get-togethers with old friends. This time last year, I am sure I would have been sighing at the thought of all the drinking I would have to be doing. But back then I was drinking so much generally that I don’t know how my liver would have known it was Christmas anyway.The documentary I made this year, Drinkers Like Me, definitely changed me. I used to drink an awful lot and hardly ever talk about it. Now I drink a lot less, but talk about it all the time. I can’t go for a quiet pint without someone having a word with me. This could involve a gentle expression of concern that I have fallen off the wagon (I never went on the wagon). Or, more often, a long sort-of confessional about that person’s drinking habits. Everyone seems to have a story about alcohol, about how much they drink or used to drink or how much their families drank or whatever. And this year we were even told that no amount of alcohol is good for our health. Continue reading…

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